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We have switched over to the ROOMS app this year in order to keep families informed and to give parents a way to communicate directly with your children’s teachers.

The app SHOULD give you notice when a teacher has added something new or an announcement is made.  This has been a little bit confusing at times, so below we have listed the steps to turn on notifications.  You turn on notifications inside of the Litchfield part of the app, not the ROOMS part.  Please follow the links below to turn on notifications:

Step 1 – Make sure the bottom right corner has the School App highlighted in white. Then Step 2, click on the MENU button

Step 3  - Click on the GEAR in the bottom right corner

Step 4 – Then pick Notification Preferences

Step 5 – Then Groups

Steps 6 & 7 – Select the schools your child / children attend and finally click “save.”