Miss Heather Fuchs

Meet Our School Staff

Name:  Heather Fuchs

Birthday: January 2nd

What do you teach? 2nd Grade

What is your favorite hobby? Volleyball and movies

What is your favorite vacation spot? A Caribbean cruise

What is your favorite book?  The Outsiders

What is your favorite movie? The Breakfast Club

What is your favorite animal? penguin

What is one of your favorite memories of being in school?  There were only 8 students in my 6th grade class.  We got to do a lot of fun things compared to bigger classes (movies, game days, field trips, etc.).     

What is the coolest part about your job? The coolest part is getting to play games and do fun activities with the kids.

If you could have a “super power” what would it be?  Invisibility

We are SO grateful to have Miss Fuchs as part of our Colt family!!!