Meet Our School Staff!!!

Name  Misty Tooley

 Birthday  02/26/1974

 What do you teach/do?  Life Skills

 What is your favorite hobby?  Playing golf

 What is your favorite vacation spot?  Jamaica

 What is your favorite book?  The Bible

 What is your favorite movie?  The Goonies

 What is your favorite animal?  Golden Retrievers

 What is your favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving

 What was your favorite grade in school?  All of my grade school years

 What was your favorite subject in school?  Math or History (can’t decide)

 Who was your favorite teacher?  Meg Dees or John Dunkirk (can’t decide)

 What is your favorite subject to teach?  I Love Life Skills!

 What is your favorite part of your job?  Greeting all of the kids at the front door   

 What is one of your favorite memories of being in school?  My friend lived across the street from our school, and I would walk to her house every morning before school.  We would watch cartoons, eat breakfast and dart across the street as the bell was ringing.

 If you could have a “super power” what would it be?   The ability to read minds