Lunch is Free Graphic

Litchfield schools are providing free breakfast and lunch for the 2022/2023 school year.

Here are a few important things that need to happen:

  • We are required to keep track of WHO is eating lunch and breakfast. We do this by adding the purchase to your child’s food account with a charge of $0
  • Elementary kids that bring their lunch CAN get a free milk but they also have to take
    • a protein
    • and a fruit/vegetable (3 items total)
    •  It goes on your child’s food account at a $0 CHARGE
  • In order to continue this free meal program, WE NEED YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE – if we don’t “use it, we lose it” – that is how the program works
  • Ala Carte items at LMS / LHS are not free. There is a charge for items purchased on ala carte.
  • FEE WAIVER requests may require families to complete the FEDERAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME FORM along with the FEE WAIVER REQUEST form. Your school will inform you when you request a fee waiver (if you are direct certified, you do not need to do this part for fee waivers)