Remind app Graphic

Your child’s teacher will invite you and strongly encourage you to use the REMIND app (heavily used at Pre K - 5 and some Middle / High School use).  This app functions very much like text messaging in many ways.  Teachers can send messages to the entire classroom’s parents or correspond with you directly as needed.  With this convenience, we have also needed to implement some “best practices” so that you know what to expect.

Teachers have been instructed to set office hours for their use of the REMIND APP.  They will check and respond to messages at the beginning of the day, in the middle of the day, and before they leave for the day.   

Teachers cannot do the following:

  • Check and respond to messages during teaching

  • Check and respond to messages monitoring recess or hallways during passing periods

  • Send and receive messages while supervising students in the building

If you send a message before or after office hours, your teacher will review and respond when those hours start again.  There are some circumstances when teachers may communicate OUTSIDE of the set office hours but they are not required to do so

IMPORTANT - Communicate ANY items that need timely response (bus changes, checking in on your child’s health, end of day changes,) TO THE OFFICE during the school day. Your child’s teacher may not see a REMIND APP note in time to address those changes.